Why I have changed the website? Yes, I know perfectly that none is asking  it, but I want to justify myself in any case.Let’s go to the point.

After some years, awebsite smells like old and seems the it came directly from a past century. Like you look at some webpages made in xoom or blogspot, the ones with colours and java effects with the Comic Sants font . At the beginning it’s quite fun, but then it became shamefull.

Looking my website , the effect was the second one.

Besides at that, for a long time i did not update it. Why? Because for some wierd reasons, none outside Italy could see it. Nether do I.  Cool, isn’t it?

So, i have decider to do a new one, putting alla the stuff I haven’t publish, due to boredom, lack of time, or techincal problems.

The idea is: some photos gallery of the news that I will cover, some projects that I am developing and a blog, where I will write what I think, at least once a week.

For all these reasons, have decided to change it. And, considering all the work done, I hope that some one like it.