Today for the social networks has appeared a curious news. The city council of Barcelona opened a new square for an official photographer.

This announcement went out after Laura Llach was fired: a photographer with 20 years of experience working at  the Consistory.


If the news already seemed odd, once looked the requeriments, the thing became directly grotesque.

Here the screenshoot of the requiriments (you can find the entire document here)

Attention to the details:

  • Professional digital Camera with three resolutions (low, midium and high).

This already sounds a lot odd. Everybody that has some photographic knowledge knows that the resolution depents on the sensor, in function of his size and of his characteristic of quality. And for each camera there is just one sensor, no three. It is true that can reduce the format of the photo, but in the facts an operation of internal reduction to the camera, therefore, any camera has three resolutions.

  • Lens 24-250 mm

This lens, simply, does not exist. Exist a 24-70 or 24-105, and next exist the “allground” of 55-250 mm (of lower quality that the two previous that have mentioned). Ask an aim that does not exist is odd, but directly absurd.

  • Lens 300mm. Minimum.

And this is the most amused point of everything. This lens is usedusually for photography of sport, i.e. football. And in the rooms, where the institucional acts are done,  usually, with a 200 already arrive with no problem..A 300mm would be  far too long, and not being able to use it (Without considering that it costs 1600 euros and that weighs a lot of).

The photographer Ana Jimenez Remacha of la Vanguardia, affirmed that “For sure it doesn’t look very pforessional, and, moreover, some people from the city council think for sure that the place is already taken”.

This thing, for a city council of the change, is too suspicious.