Already they have happened some weeks of up to here that they announced the rewarded by the World Press Photo 2017, and therefore, already has calmed the storm. For the moment we will not feel to speak of the WPP until when will not expose in Barcelona. It is not too many, but is sufficient.

Every year, the WWP is the main subject of journalism and photography. And it does me a mandra terrible.

It does me mandra who only at this moment in time interests of photography and journalism. Totally equivalent to interest of football once each 4 years when plays the selection the world-wide. With the problem that of World Press Photo there is one by the year.

It does me mandra that between photographers generate the debate of the sinus was a good photo or no, of the sinus likes you or no, of what think of the prizes, of the how goes the WPP if it is how caducat, or I that know. It is quite boring to have to bear these debates because they do not contribute really nothing neither to the journalism, neither to the photography. Can evaluate them and think, how are, that generate us, that feel.

But no. The debate this year has been if the photo rewarded cost or no the penalty, if it was ethical or not putting the photo of a murder (or of a murderer). Thing that in other blows has done and any problem, have gone in in the history of the photography. Besides it has to say a thing: a lot of more people has seen that photo before receiving the prize, with regard to the past editions. Because it gave more turns for the networks, because it was more powerful, for many reasons. But this think that was a fact inconfutable. The photo of the 2014, for example, that was very good and very impactant, anybody had seen him. This year, at least, it has spoken properly of photography and of journalism to the hour.
And besides there is another thing that does me a lot of a lot of mandra: the half of what speaks of the WPP or goes it to see, does not remember which was the photo rewarded the year 2010, to put a year any one. And only they have happened 6 years. Thing that, since my point of view, denotes a lack of culture photographs important.

Like last level of mandra is the show that has generated with regard to this prize. Everybody expects him, everybody comments it, everybody speaks it. But they ignore other prizes, that are less mediàtics, but, believe, more valuable. For example, few are those that dignen to see spectacular works how the rewarded by Robert Layer Gold Metal (how the last of Bassam Khabieh, of a hospital of field to Damascus, that is worthwhile to see, because it is simply brutal). Why? Because next it does not do an exhibition, do not do books, do not do articles in all the means, even the venues.

In the society of the show, rewards the show, in that case the World Press Photo. And to me, all this, does me mandra.