New year, new block

Well, I start a the new year and I go back to the old history. The blog. With some self-criticism and a new purpose, that surely will not be able to keep.

The idea that I had,  to write once by the week, has failed misablyt. For two main reasons: lack of time and of subjects. Probably I have not too many things to say, and probably neither is necessary to speak of all , or have continuos graphomaniac atacs. The lack of time is tied to what has happened here to Catalonia. That, by the way, it is a good chaos.

But the luck helps the brave, how says in Italy, therefore the intention to write keep on. Write and say something.

The subjects as alsays will be  the two key points of my existence: photography and political issues. Also because they are two very tied things for me, for obvious reasons. Now, it is clear that they are macro categories, but will find the way to give practical informations and simile-useful.

Who knows.

P.S.. And, by the way, I have added the Italian language. In the hypothetical Italian that after 10 years almost no longer speak. A good problem.