This is the best moment of the year to be inspired.

No only because the holidays of Christmas are over, because an old year ends and begins a new onei, because still has not arrived the World Press Photo, but because many agencies of press collect the best photographic material published, and allow us like this to have a general vision of all what has happened and how has covered.

Here I leave you a few links where can find some selections that have me impactat and some photos that have liked me a lot. For reflexionarjointly, to learn jointly.


AP, Associated Press, is the first agency of international press (of the stick that founded it at the end of the 1800). It is clearly tied to the states joined of America, where was born, but has a wide international coverage. Between the so many selected (that can see here) have chosen this because I find it very raw and wonderful at any one time.

Bodies of boys Rohingya Muslim dead persons, after his boat capsized to it baia of Flare, while they escaped since the Myanmar to Bangladesh. 28 of September 2017.Dar Yasin/AP Photo

Like resolving the complex question to show something horrible without falling in the sensationalism? With this have achieved it perfectly. Besides they break the diagrams of “good Buddhists” and “terrorist Muslims”.


The English agency (here can find the selection of the 2017) is one of my favourite. It takes care a lot the photographic part. One of the selected that it has liked me has been this:

Palestinian disperse as a result of the gases lacrimogenos shot by the Israeli army after it pregària of the Friday, in a street to the old city of Jerusalem. Ammar Awad/REUTERS

The Palestinian question is and has to be always present in the agencies of press because it is a historical conflict with more than 50 years of history.


It is not an agency of press, but a weekly magazine of information estatunidenca almost centenarian that always has given a lot space to the photography. Here the selection of the year.

A woman in front of the demolitions of a building after an aerial attack to the southwest of Mosul/ Emanuele Satolli

Few things to say. Simple and disarming to explain in an image the hardness of the conflict to free the Iraqi city of the command of the Daesh.


Daily estatunidenc (here the selection) that has tried in the last years to improve a lot and to give importance to the photography. This, that at the end is of Reuters, costs a lot the penalty.

Students attend a session of yoga to the field of Ahmadabad, India, the 5 of January. Amit Dave/Reuters

Getty Images

Getty Images, Inc. is a photographic agency (of the states joined) with headquarters in Seattle. We say that it is quite a lot a sacral monster of the images (here his selection fotoperiodística of this year).

A refugee Rohingya cries and tries to go up to the truck that distributes helps/Kevin Frayer

Perhaps the thematic is the same of shortly before but has surprised me the selection. A photo in black and white of a news of extreme actuality is a decision atípica with regard to the classical dynamics of the information.

New York Times

The famous magazine estatunidenca leaves us here a powerful selection of photographies. Many tied to the political to kites and lines but some highlight notably.

To the demonstration of supremacistes white, a driver throws his vehicle on the assistants of the con-protest, murdering a woman and injuring 19 people. Ryan M. Kelly

Here we see the instants after one supremacistawhite, comunament called nazi, threw his car against the demonstrators antifeixistes. It Will be the cause of 19 injured and a woman murdered, Heather Heyer. With this photo can see clearly the climbing of violence of the extreme right to the states joined.


Bloomberg News, comunament known how Bloomberg, is an agency of international press, with headquarters to the states joined (NY). A special attention for the selection that has done (That can find here). Especially for the moving and political meaning that the photos describe.



A woman tries to clean the blood in front of the police antiavalots near a school, col·lectielectoralfor the illegal referendum in Barcelona. Geraldine Hope Ghelli/Bloomberg




And this put it also because his author (Àngel García) is an ours contributor, a wonderful person, a big photographer and because I admire it deeply. Therefore, it goes valorised what does.

A demonstrator waves the Catalan flag while it parades for the streets of Barcelona in the protests against the violence of the police during the illegal referendum of the 1 of October. Angel Garcia/Bloomberg